a race across

Harbour Island

Hop in a golf cart and go. It’s that simple. You can circle Harbour Island in twenty-minutes, cross it in five. But falling in love with this picturesque island town will take you no time at all. You can breeze away an afternoon admiring Bay Street’s harbor views or the quaint New England architecture of Dunmore Town. Sunbathing on the Pink Sands Beach is the cherry on top of a sleepy Sunday afternoon.


Weaving up and down the narrow streets of Dunmore Town in a golf cart is as fun as it is practical. The joy of expertly executing a three-point turn is rivaled only by the pleasures of small island living. Except for the occasional dog crossing the street or a Sunday service letting out, traffic jams are few and far between.

No, it’s not a trick of the sun or a trick of the tide or a trick of the light. That sand is truly pink.


ELEUTHERA & harbour island

ELEUTHERA & harbour island
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