Guardians of
the Hidden Coast

Surfer's Beach, Eleuthera

Surfer's Beach is off the beaten path. That’s for sure. Roads can be tricky. Sometimes there’s a sign. Sometimes no sign. But you won’t have any trouble finding it. Just ask—a local, a stranger—they’ll tell you where to go and who to ask for when you get there.

That first
great wave of
the day is yours
if you want it.

The local surfers here are generous, perhaps more generous with their waves than anywhere else in the world. Men like Tattoo, Rat Dog, Surfer Pete, they are the unofficial ambassadors of Surfer's Beach. They are its caretakers. They eagerly take the role of surf instructor, lifeguard, and friend to visitors who have found themselves in the presence of waves that seem too big to belong here.



Surfer Pete and his wife Rebecca run a little-bit-of-everything store, locals call it the mall. They sell their famous Pirate’s Revenge hot sauce, which you can find in hotels all across the island, as well as jams, artwork, and about fifty other things. Theirs is just about the only surf shop on the Eleuthera where you can rent surfboards, boogie boards, snorkeling gear, or hire Pete himself to give you surfing lessons. Pete doesn’t have an official website, but people seem to find him anyway.

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The islands of the bahamas - map
The islands of the bahamas - map
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Meet Surfer Pete
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